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We Solve Impossible Problems

Why do airplane passengers in the middle seat miss more flights?

While you could try to solve this costly problem with basic assumptions, business leaders today trust data to inform their decisions — in fact, the top 1% of companies all use machine-learning and AI to consume millions of data points, analyze root causes of their toughest problems, and profit from real solutions that last. The data science experts at Rocket Science have years of experience developing valuable and sustainable ML solutions for companies across industries.

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The Blueprint

Rocket Science Solutions

We provide end-to-end machine-learning strategy, development,
and deployment expertise

End-to-End MLOps Managed Service

Support your data analytics practice with dedicated Rocket Science MLOps engineers that provide end-to-end ML solutions, from problem identification and strategy to code build and ongoing execution.

Strategy & Consulting

Collaborate with a Rocket Science expert to define the people, processes, and technology needed to successfully implement and scale artificial intelligence in your organization.

Code Build & Testing

Develop ML proof-of-concepts and/or prototypes through our proven delivery framework, which allows for clear oversight into project scope, budget, and timeline.

MLOPs Scale &

Create the custom MLOps operating environment, processes, and leadership culture necessary to operate a sustainable MLOps practice, including implementation of Phase I of your architecture.

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