Why Rocket Science?

Meet the Crew

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Our Rocket Data Scientists have in-depth experience and a
proven track record with leveraging AI & ML solutions to
explore complex business problems, build exciting models,
and create real value.


Our Mission

We Bring Moonshots Down to Earth

Empowered with the right data, the greatest of challenges
can become routine.
That’s why we use AI & ML to conquer Earthly problems and explore new galaxies. We build prototypes to reveal hidden truths and underlying patterns that can be used to simplify challenges, absolve issues, automate processes, and make
life easier for all.

Our Leader

Meet The Captain

Mohamed Sabri is the founder of Rocket Science, and author of the book, Data Scientist Pocket Guide, which helps thousands of data scientists tackle complex code builds on a daily basis. Mohamed has spent his career consulting companies on how to stand up and scale their data analytics practices.

Mohamed also teaches part-time at the University of Texas at Austin. Schedule your introductory call to speak with Mohamed and learn more about Rocket Science and his background.

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