Meet the Crew

Get To Know Our Datastronauts

Our Rocket Data Scientists have in-depth experience and a proven track record with leveraging AI & ML solutions to explore complex business problems, build exciting models, and create real value.

team member Mohamed Sabri​

Mohamed Sabri

Founder & CEO
team member Amine Sabri​

Amine Sabri

team member Steven Edvi​

Steven Edvi

Head of Marketing
Eric Hammel​

Eric Hammel

Machine Learning Engineer
team member Asim Sultan​

Asim Sultan

Machine Learning Engineer
team member Adel Benlagra, Ph.D.​

Adel Benlagra, Ph.D.

Data Science Advisor
team member James Schuback​

James Schuback

Product Manager
team member Astarina Maulida​

Astarina Maulida

Software Engineer
team member Ana Maria Siretanu​

Ana Maria Siretanu

MLOps Solution Advisor

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