Atlan Data Catalog

AtlanData catalog

It is a Modern Data Catalog & Discovery tool. A data catalog is a neatly organized inventory of data assets across all your data sources. It helps organizations discover, understand, and consume data better. With a data catalog, all your data, associated metadata, and data management and discovery tools are ordered, indexed, and easily accessible for both data users and business needs. Keep reading to learn what is a data catalog, its value, benefits, features, and more.

Atlan is a modern data collaboration workspace (like Github for engineering or Figma for design). By acting as a virtual hub for data assets ranging from tables and dashboards to models and code, Atlan enables teams to create a single source of truth for all their data assets and collaborate across the modern data stack through deep integrations with tools like Slack and Jira, data warehouses like Snowflake and Redshift, BI tools like Looker and Tableau, data transformation tools like Apache Airflow and dbt, and more.


01 Google-Like Search
Quickly find any data asset that you’re looking for — tables, databases, BI dashboards or saved queries — all in one place.

02 Automated Data Quality Profiling
03 Searchable Business Glossary
04 Lineage & Impact Analysis
05 Easy Governance
06 Collaborate with Ease
07 Visual Query Builder

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