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BudgetML is perfect for practitioners who would like to quickly deploy their models to an endpoint, but not waste a lot of time, money, and effort trying to figure out how to do this end-to-end.

We built BudgetML because it’s hard to find a simple way to get a model in production fast and cheaply.

Cloud functions are limited in memory and cost a lot at scale.

Kubernetes clusters are overkill for one single model.

Deploying from scratch involves learning too many different concepts like SSL certificate generation, Docker, REST, Uvicorn/Gunicorn, backend servers etc., that are simply not within the scope of a typical data scientist.


Automatic FastAPI server endpoint generation (it’s faster than Flask).
Fully interactive docs via Swagger.
Built-in SSL certificate generation via LetsEncrypt and docker-swag.
Uses cheap preemtible instances but has 99% uptime!
Complete OAuth2 secured endpoints with Password and Bearer pattern.

Official website

Tutorial and documentation

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