The Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network (CKAN) is an open-source open data portal for the storage and distribution of open data. CKAN is a tool for making open data websites. (Think of a content management system like WordPress – but for data, instead of pages and blog posts.) It helps you manage and publish collections of data. It is used by national and local governments, research institutions, and other organizations who collect a lot of data.

Once your data is published, users can use its faceted search features to browse and find the data they need, and preview it using maps, graphs and tables – whether they are developers, journalists, researchers, NGOs, citizens, or even your own staff.


API : All of a CKAN website’s core functionality (everything you can do with the web interface and more) can be used by external code that calls the CKAN API.

Datastore: The CKAN DataStore extension provides an ad hoc database for storage of structured data from CKAN resources.

Extend: CKAN allows you to pick and choose which features you want to use for your data portal. Or, you can easily develop your own by following the extending guide!

Geospatial: Advanced geospatial features, covering data preview, search, and discovery.

Metadata: Commonly metadata is provided by default, and additional attributes can be defined as needed.

Manage data: An intuitive web interface allows you to easily register, update and refine datasets.

Search: Rich search experience which allows for quick ‘Google-style’ keyword search and filtering.

Themeable: Completely customize to match your brand. We’ve prepared a theming guide to help.

Visualization: Create data-visualisation views and expose data as line, bar and pie charts.

Federate: Creation of a federated network of data portals which share data between each other.

Filestore: Upload media and image files. Stores files either on the server or in the cloud using extensions.

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