CronitorCron job monitoring

Cronitor is a web-based tracking application that monitors, alerts, and analyzes scheduled computer processes. The application informs its users when their computer processes do not run on time, take too long to run, and gets completed too quickly.

Cronitor protects you by monitoring every job and instantly alerting the right person when a problem happens. Background task and data pipeline failures can disrupt critical workflows and damage the data integrity. Cronitor keeps an eye on the software plumbing so you can focus on the business. When the website or API is down you need to know fast. Cronitor has you covered. Create simple network availability checks or build more complex tests with custom assertions.


1. Performance insights and uptime monitoring for cron jobs, websites, APIs and more.

2. Capture the status, metrics and output from every cron job and background process. Name and organize each job, and ensure the right people are alerted when something goes wrong. Works with every kind of background job. Prevent problems and resolve incidents faster.

3. Monitor and validate your websites and APIs from 12+ locations worldwide. Create simple uptime checks, or build complex tests with custom assertions. Freakishly fast and incredibly reliable. You’ll find out first whenever there is a problem.

4. Collect heartbeats from user activity, system events, queue messages, edge devices and more. Aggregate key metrics and explore trends over time. Keep a constant pulse on the health of your business with daily reports and instant alerts when something goes wrong. Zero setup. Grab your API key and start sending events. Simple, flexible assertions for alerts in any situation.

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