Jolibrain Model serving and monitoring

DeepDetect is a deep learning API and server written in C++11, along with a pure Web Platform for training and managing models.

DeepDetect aims at making the state of the art deep learning easy to work with and integrate into existing applications. It has support for backend machine learning libraries Caffe, Caffe2, Tensorflow, XGBoost, Dlib and NCNN.


High level & generic API for machine learning & deep learning
Web UI for training and managing models
JSON communication format
Remote Python client library
Embedded server with support for asynchronous training calls
High performance, benefits from multicore CPU and GPU
Flexible input / output connectors for text, images, raw data (CSV, SVM)
Flexible template output format to simplify connection to external applications (e.g. Elasticsearch, …)
No database dependency and sync, everything is organized on the filesystem

Official website

Tutorial and documentation

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