DeepSpeed is a deep learning optimization library that makes distributed training easy, efficient, and effective.

10x Larger Models

10x Faster Training

Minimal Code Change


Extreme scale: Using current generation of GPU clusters with hundreds of devices, 3D parallelism of DeepSpeed can efficiently train deep learning models with trillions of parameters.
Extremely memory efficient: With just a single GPU, ZeRO-Offload of DeepSpeed can train models with over 10B parameters, 10x bigger than the state of arts, democratizing multi-billion-parameter model training such that many deep learning scientists can explore bigger and better models.
Extremely long sequence length: Sparse attention of DeepSpeed powers an order-of-magnitude longer input sequence and obtains up to 6x faster execution comparing with dense transformers.
Extremely communication efficient: 3D parallelism improves communication efficiency allows users to train multi-billion-parameter models 2–7x faster on clusters with limited network bandwidth. 1-bit Adam/1-bit LAMB reduce communication volume by up to 5x while achieving similar convergence efficiency to Adam/LAMB, allowing for scaling to different types of GPU clusters and networks.

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