GenieAnalytics provides deep and powerful big-data analytic ability that delivers immediate operational insights for your business. Through multi-dimensional traffic analysis reports and rich visualizations, users are able to gain total control over their network infrastructure and plan what’s right for their business operations accordingly. Based on state-of-the-art big data technology, GenieAnalytics achieves unprecedented reliability, scalability and flexibility for carrier-grade network traffic analytic and forensic applications.


Powerful Analytics: GenieAnalytics is empowered with supreme big data ingestion and analytics performance and flexibility to provide instant, deep insights for your business.
* Various data classification and aggregation keys to provide multidimensional Top-N breakdown analysis.
* Customizable, sequential, multiple Filters to match traffic data for exploration.
* Flexible analytic time settings by relative and absolute time period settings.
* Granular analytic resolution as low as seconds.
* Selectable metrics, including data rate (bps, pps, fps, etc.), sum (bytes, packets, flows, etc.), unique counts (IP, port, etc.), average, min, max, etc.
* User-friendly, interactive drill-down data exploration for all analytic results

Long-term Data Storage: GenieAnalytics is embedded with a big data lake built upon a highly distributed architecture that offers unlimited scalability to store mass volume of annotated data for long-term retention (up to years).
* Stores huge amount of annotated information including flow records, BGP routing, SNMP, and network instances.
* Provides parallel data series with different sample rate (Minute, Hour, Day) that achieves longer term storage under limited capacity.
* Data storage can be distributed and stored in replicas and clusters to ensure data access at all times (no SPOF).
* Capacity and performance are linearly scalable by adding more replicas and clusters (storage nodes).

Rich Visualization: The analytic portal of GenieAnalytics is designed to fully leverage the strength of big data driven analytics. Within a few clicks, users are able to obtain a wide range of visualizations of their analytic results based on their operational needs.
* Intuitive visualized reports represented in: line chart, bar chart, area chart, Sunburst, donut chart, Sankey, geo-location map, Heat map, Horizon chart, number, gauge, data table, etc.
* Users can freely build and modify visualized reports in the Analytic Dashboard, while each report can be explored interactively in the Analytic Explorer.
* Multiple ad-hoc queries with different time settings available on one single dashboard.
* Ease-of-use data query and each query supports multiple chart types and metrics.

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