SIA Monkey See Monkey Do (Latvia) Cron job monitoring

Healthchecks is a cron job monitoring service. You can use for lightweight server monitoring: ensuring a particular system service or the whole server is alive and healthy. Write a shell script that checks for a specific condition, and pings if successful. Run the shell script regularly.

It listens for HTTP requests and email messages (“pings”) from your cron jobs and scheduled tasks (“checks”). For each of your tasks, provides a unique URL similar to this one:

Make an HTTP request to the provided URL each time your cron job completes. When does not receive a ping at the expected time, it sends you an alert. You can monitor any service that can make an HTTP request or send an email.


1. Live-updating Dashboard.

2. Simple Configuration: Each check has configurable Period and Grace Time parameters. Depending on these parameters and time since the last ping, the check is in one of the following states: New, Up, Late, Down

3. Cron Expression Support: Alternatively, you can define the expected ping dates and times using a cron expression.

4. Details and Event Log: You can add a longer, free-form description to each check. Leave notes and pointers for yourself and your team. You can also see the log of received pings and sent “Down” notifications.

5. Public Status Badges: provides status badges for each of the tags you have used. Additionally, the “” badge shows the overall status of all checks in your account. The badges have public but hard-to-guess URLs. You can use them in your READMEs, dashboards, or status pages.

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