LogicalClocks © HopsworksMachine Learning end-to-end platform

Hopsworks is a managed platform for scale-out data science, with support for both GPUs and Big Data, in a familiar development environment. Hopsworks can be used either through its User-Interface or via a REST API.


* a user-friendly UI for development with the latest open-source platforms for Data Science (Jupyter, Conda, etc),
* Github-like Projects to manage teams/products/workflows/data,
* managed GPUs as a Resources – scale out Deep Learning training and hyperparameter optimization,
* the world’s fastest, most-scalable distributed hierarchical filesystem,
* a REST API for the whole Hopsworks Platform,
* a TLS Certificate based security model with extensive auditing and data provenance capabilities,
* end-to-end support for Python-based Deep Learning workflows with: a Feature Store, Data and Model Validation, Model Serving on Kubernetes, workflow orchestration in Airflow.

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