IBM Watson Studio

IBMMachine Learning end-to-end platform

IBM Watson® Studio empowers data scientists, developers and analysts to build, run and manage AI models, and optimize decisions anywhere on IBM Cloud Pak® for Data. Unite teams, automate AI lifecycles and speed time to value on an open multicloud architecture.

Bring together open source frameworks like PyTorch, TensorFlow and scikit-learn with IBM and its ecosystem tools for code-based and visual data science. Work with Jupyter notebooks, JupyterLab and CLIs — or in languages such as Python, R and Scala.


AutoAI for faster experimentation: Automatically build model pipelines. Prepare data and select model types. Generate and rank model pipelines.

Advanced data refinery: Cleanse and shape data with a graphical flow editor. Apply interactive templates to code operations, functions and logical operators.

Open source notebook support: Create a notebook file, use a sample notebook or bring your own notebook. Code and run a notebook.

Integrated visual tooling: Prepare data quickly and develop models visually with IBM SPSS Modeler in Watson Studio.

Model training and development: Build experiments quickly and enhance training by optimizing pipelines and identifying the right combination of data.

Extensive open source frameworks: Bring your model of choice to production. Track and retrain models using production feedback.

Embedded decision optimization: Combine predictive and prescriptive models. Use predictions to optimize decisions. Create and edit models in Python, in OPL or with natural language.

Model management and monitoring: Monitor quality, fairness and drift metrics. Select and configure deployment for model insights. Customize model monitors and metrics.

Model risk management: Compare and evaluate models. Evaluate and select models with new data. Examine the key model metrics side-by-side.

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