Jina🔊 is a neural search framework that empowers anyone to build SOTA and scalable deep learning search applications in minutes.

🌌 All data types – Scalable indexing, querying, understanding of any data: video, image, long/short text, music, source code, PDF, etc.

⏱️ Save time – The design pattern of neural search systems, from zero to a production-ready system in minutes.

🌩️ Fast & cloud-native – Distributed architecture from day one, scalable & cloud-native by design: enjoy containerizing, streaming, paralleling, sharding, async scheduling, HTTP/gRPC/WebSocket protocols.

🍱 Own your stack – Keep end-to-end stack ownership of your solution, avoid integration pitfalls you get with fragmented, multi-vendor, generic legacy tools.


Document, Executor, and Flow are the three fundamental concepts in Jina. Understanding these will help build your search.

Document is the basic data type in Jina;

Executor is how Jina processes Documents;

Flow is how Jina streamlines and scales Executors.

Official website

Tutorial and documentation

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