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Talend Data Fabric combines Talend products into a common set of powerful, easy-to-use solutions.

In recent months, the term “data fabric” has joined the lexicon of data management and analytics buzzwords. In fact, Gartner recently identified “data fabric” as one of the “Top 10 Data and Analytics Technology Trends for 2021.” As with any hot new tech term, you might be wondering: “What is data fabric?” and “Why do I need it?”

In simplest terms, a data fabric is a single environment consisting of a unified architecture, and services or technologies running on that architecture, that helps organizations manage their data. The ultimate goal of data fabric is to maximize the value of your data and accelerate digital transformation.


* Providing a single environment for accessing and collecting all data, no matter where it’s located and no matter how it’s stored – eliminating data silos.

* Enabling simpler and unified data management, including data integration, quality, governance, and sharing, by eliminating multiple tools and providing faster access to healthier, more trustworthy data

* Delivering greater scalability that can adapt to increasing data volumes, data sources, and application

* Making it easier to leverage the cloud by supporting on-premise, hybrid and multi-cloud environments and faster migration between these environments

* Reducing reliance on legacy infrastructures and solutions

* Future-proofing the data management infrastructure as new data sources and endpoints, along with new technologies, can be added onto the data fabric without disrupting existing connections or deployments

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