Tensorflow’s cleverhans


This repository contains the source code for CleverHans, a Python library to benchmark machine learning systems’ vulnerability to adversarial examples. You can learn more about such vulnerabilities on the accompanying blog.

The CleverHans library is under continual development, always welcoming contributions of the latest attacks and defenses. In particular, we always welcome help towards resolving the issues currently open.

Since v4.0.0, CleverHans supports 3 frameworks: JAX, PyTorch, and TF2. We are currently prioritizing implementing attacks in PyTorch, but we very much welcome contributions for all 3 frameworks. In versions v3.1.0 and prior, CleverHans supported TF1; the code for v3.1.0 can be found under cl


CleverHans will soon support 3 frameworks: JAX, PyTorch, and TF2. The package itself will focus on its initial principle: reference implementation of attacks against machine learning models to help with benchmarking models against adversarial examples. This repository will also contain two folders: tutorials/ for scripts demonstrating the features of CleverHans and defenses/ for scripts that contain authoritative implementations of defenses in one of the 3 supported frameworks. T

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