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TPOT stands for Tree-based Pipeline Optimization Tool. Consider TPOT your Data Science Assistant. TPOT is a Python Automated Machine Learning tool that optimizes machine learning pipelines using genetic programming.

TPOT will automate the most tedious part of machine learning by intelligently exploring thousands of possible pipelines to find the best one for your data.


FeatureSetSelector is a special new operator in TPOT. This operator enables feature selection based on priori expert knowledge. For example, in RNA-seq gene expression analysis, this operator can be used to select one or more gene (feature) set(s) based on GO (Gene Ontology) terms or annotated gene sets Molecular Signatures Database (MSigDB) in the 1st step of pipeline via template option above, in order to reduce dimensions and TPOT computation time. This operator requires a dataset list in csv format. In this csv file, there are only three columns: 1st column is feature set names, 2nd column is the total number of features in one set and 3rd column is a list of feature names (if input X is pandas.DataFrame) or indexes (if input X is numpy.ndarray) delimited by “;”. Below is an example how to use this operator in TPOT.

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