Visual Object Tagging Tool (VOTT)

[wtm_mlop_cats] An open source annotation and labeling tool for image and video assets. VoTT is a React + Redux Web application, written in TypeScript. This project was bootstrapped with Create React App. Features 1. The ability to label images or video frames2. Extensible model for importing data from local or cloud storage providers3. Extensible model […]

VGG Image Annotator (VIA)

[wtm_mlop_cats] VGG Image Annotator is a simple and standalone manual annotation software for image, audio and video. VIA runs in a web browser and does not require any installation or setup. The complete VIA software fits in a single self-contained HTML page of size less than 400 Kilobyte that runs as an offline application in […]

V7 Darwin

[wtm_mlop_cats] To enable any business, large and small, to leverage the sense of sight and automate any visual task.To achieve this, we must allow vision AI to be reliable, versatile, and easy to use. In doing so, we are ushering a new era of “living software” of models running on continuously evolving training data. Features […]


[wtm_mlop_cats] superintendent provides an ipywidget-based interactive labelling tool for your data. It allows you to flexibly label all kinds of data. It also allows you to combine your data-labelling task with a statistical or machine learning model to enable quick and practical active learning. Features 1.Labelling data with superintendent2. Active learning with superintendent3. Scaling labelling […]

Super Annotate Data Labelling

[wtm_mlop_cats] SuperAnnotate is the end-to-end image and video annotation platform to annotate, train, and automate your computer vision pipeline. Features 1. Robust tooling2. Streamlined collaboration and quality management3. Seamless pipeline integration4. Powerful data exploration5. No-code automation6. Powering Leading Industries Official website Link Tutorial and documentation Click here to view See more MLOps tools and solutions

Semantic Segmentation Editor

[wtm_mlop_cats] A web based labeling tool for creating AI training data sets (2D and 3D). The tool has been developed in the context of autonomous driving research. It supports images (.jpg or .png) and point clouds (.pcd). It is a Meteor app developed with React, Paper.js and three.js. Features 1. Bitmap Image Editor2. PCD Point […]

Sagemaker ground truth

[wtm_mlop_cats] Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth is a fully managed data labeling service that makes it easy to build highly accurate training datasets for machine learning. Get started with labeling your data in minutes through the SageMaker Ground Truth console using custom or built-in data labeling workflows. These workflows support a variety of use cases including […]


[wtm_mlop_cats] Software that allows you to manually and quickly annotate images in directories. The method is pseudo manual because it uses the algorithm watershed marked of OpenCV. The general idea is to manually provide the marker with brushes and then to launch the algorithm. If at first pass the segmentation needs to be corrected, the […]


[wtm_mlop_cats] Image labeling in multiple annotation formats: PASCAL VOC (= darkflow)YOLO darknet Features 1. Deep Learning Object Detection Model2. Distractor-aware Siamese Networks for Visual Object Tracking3. easy and quick bounding-boxe’s resizing!4. video object tracking with OpenCV trackers!5. Label photos via Google drive to allow “team online labeling” Official website Link Tutorial and documentation Click here […]


[wtm_mlop_cats] MedTagger is a collaborative framework for annotating medical datasets. Main goal of this project was to design and develop software environment, which helps in aggregation and labeling huge datasets of medical scans, powered by idea of crowdsourcing. Platform also provides mechanism for label validation, thus making produced datasets of labels more reliable for the […]

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