Advanced Guidance with Augumented Reality and Natural Language


Augmented reality (AR) or mixed reality is the ability to layer digital 3D images and virtual objects on top of the real- world images when seen through technologies such as smart glasses or hand-held tablet computers. AR may be able to recognize the asset a user looks at, overlay the points where service is needed, and integrate with a tablet that helps the user know what work needs to be done and instructions needed.

The traditional way to interact with smart glasses has been with simple voice commands like Next, Yes, No, Check. But in parallel to the AR technology, there is much progress on natural language capabilities for easier voice driven interaction with these devices. Chat bot technology, like seen in Siri or Alexa for home use, is being married to AR capabilities to create a new generation of hands-free easier user interaction with the advanced AR display where the user can chat with the device in a more natural manner.

Benefits for the company

Experimenting with the use of AR for support on inspections and repairs could improve service efficiency; lowering the cost of labor; and reducing errors.



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Natural Language Processing, AI Neural Network

Internal data required

Command language training, Interaction data

One Response

  1. For example, some of the automated inspection methodologies mentioned above could be further enhanced with augmented reality technology by projecting the results, color coded for severity, on top of the physical surface so inspectors and repair personnel can quickly focus to the specific problem areas.The two major technological trends for AR display today are (1) display on mobile tablets that requires the user to hold the device, (2) display on a head-mounted display like smart glasses.

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