Automation with Robotics and UAVs

MRO – Aerospace

The rapidly expanding capabilities of autonomous equipment such as UAVs and robots are being
leveraged in MRO shops and some of the first applications are in automated inspection.

For now, operators control the UAVs, either guiding the inspection or setting a predetermined pattern.
The UAVs fly around aircraft, providing images of skin with the same detail as visual inspections.
Engineers assess damage as they are presented images. The software continues to be enhanced to
rapidly focus on possible problems areas and even suggest actions based on prior recommendations.
Once the UAV learns the aircraft it is to inspect leveraging its 3D model, it can recognize a known point
on the airframe, and fly a predetermined inspection pattern

Benefits for the company

Time and Resource Saving.



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Predictive analytics, Anomalies Detection, Forecasting, Recommendation System

Internal data required

Maintenance Reports, Repair Logs, Historical issues

Research Paper

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