Juridical Data Compliance

Budgeting and Planning


The cost optimization process is something that should be performed during the whole period of the construction project execution. This has to be done to make sure that building costs match the limits of the estimated costs.

Accurate planning and budgeting should be the priorities for any construction project. Smart AI-powered tools and trackers help store the financial information, receipts, requirements, limitations, and documentation in one place as well as analyze the expenses in real-time. Keeping track of what is done helps to stick to the plan or to make amendments. The majority of these tools have an integrated feature of risk assessment and alerting.

Benefits for the company

 Reduction in human error
– Analyze the expense in real-time



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Linear Programming, Advanced Anlytics, Operational Research, Cost Analysis

Internal data required

Contractor Performance, Time, Cost

External data possible

Online Surveys

Research Paper



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