Customer Data Analysis & Market Segmentation

Hotel, Resorts & Cruise Line

People in some way tend to appreciate personalize experience. Customer segmentation entails dividing all your customers according to their preferences and adaptation of the general stack of services to satisfy the needs of every group. Thus, the key idea is to find one solution that would fit all cases. In its turn, personalization is a trick that allows providing a specific service to a particular person. Thus, personalization makes this process deeper

Analyzing customer data allows hoteliers to understand the preferences and purposes of a customer.
Customers could then be categorized into market segments.
This segmentation helps target the right audience for marketing and sales.
Data analytics in hotels enables you to share relevant promotional information with the right market segment.

Benefits for the company

Accurate customer segmentation allows marketers to engage with each customer in the most effective way. A customer segmentation analysis allows marketers to identify discrete groups of customers with a high degree of accuracy based on demographic, behavioral and other indicators.



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Clustering Analysis, Machine Learning for sophisticated large amounts of data

Internal data required

Customer Profile, Bookings data, Customer Lifetime Value Calculations

External data possible

Merchant Transaction data, Potential Customers leads

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