Data Management


Mining exploration and production data are very complex in nature with large amounts of data. We, hence, need a proper data management solution to aggregate and cleanse data collected and stored from different sources.

Modern Analytics tools such as seismic software, data visualization, etc are very useful in maintaining data. They facilitate effective time management, identification and mapping of new mineral zone estimation, and optimize operational costs.

Benefits for the company

There is a big amount of available data from the mining industry that data scientists can use to improve and develop new technologies for this industry.

Big Data Analytics helps in avoiding damage and reducing the downtime of the high maintenance machinery. It provides actionable insights that will be helpful in the critical decision-making process saving time.



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Big Data, Data Management, and Predictive analytics

Internal data required

All the data in mining industry

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  1. In the mining industry, any improvements we want to do to increase efficiency must be made at the end of the process. It’s better to start from the end to have the maximum effect. When we start at the beginning – during exploration, blasting, etc. – the efficiency goes down as we go along. So, by the time of recovery, we only see little differences.

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