Data Science

Data Science for Genomics


Genomics is the study of sequencing and analysis of genomes. A genome consists of the DNA and all the genes of the organisms.
The goal of research scientists is to analyze the genomic strands and search for irregularities and defects in it. Then, they find connections between genetics and health of the person.

In general, researchers use data science to analyze the genetic sequences and try to find a correlation between the parameters contained within it and the disease.

Benefits for the company

Before the availability of powerful computation, the organizations spent a lot of time and money on analyzing the sequence of genes. This was an expensive and tedious process.

However, with the advanced data science tools, it is now possible to analyze and derive insights from the human gene in a much shorter period of time and in a much lower cost.



Type of expertise/ AI domain


Galaxy – open source, GUI- medical research application, Bioconductor- open source software for genomic data analysis

Internal data required

Gene data

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