Food Retail

By using data analytics to collect information and data governance to ensure the information is organized and easily accessible, you can better understand how your business is performing in the food delivery sector. By implementing data analytic systems and processes, you can easily monitor and track orders to accurately provide estimated delivery times to customers.

Big data and analytics helps in understanding factors like traffic, climatic conditions, shortest route, distance, etc. This information is used to make a model for the estimation of time required to deliver the food product from source to destination.

Benefits for the company

It’s crucial to ensure that the food preparation times and delivery packaging is acceptable to accommodate customers who use food delivery services. Also, to provide the correct estimated delivery time.



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Prediction, Forecasting, Clustering

Internal data required

Delivery time, order time, location, quantity, etc.

External data possible

Weather Forecasts, market data, GIS mapping

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