Digital concierge/Chatbot


Virtual or digital concierge is a customer experience (CX) technology that provides guests with conversational and contextual assistance. It could be in the form of a robot or a mobile app or a web platform or a chatbot.

When we talk about such technologies, AI is what comes to our head. And most of the virtual concierges are powered by AI.

Not to mention, these technologies are helping hotels offer contactless services like check-in and check-out.

Benefits for the company

High-level customer support is an important indicator of quality hospitality services. Machine learning helps companies understand their customers’ needs better and personalize service recommendations and marketing offers.

Innovations in digital space provides greater assistance to customers by saving cost and resources in the hospitality industry.



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Machine Learning, Image Processsing, Natural Language Processing

Internal data required

Customer Interaction Data

External data possible

Increasing Customer Experience by using machine learning strategies results in better engagement, loyalty and higher revenue generation by customers. And nowadays, in the era of digitalization its one of the essential requirements for any hospitality companies.

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