Digital Thread and Digital Twin

MRO – Aerospace

The digital twin refers to a digital model of a particular asset that includes design specifications and engineering models describing its geometry, materials, components, and behavior, but more importantly it also includes the as- built and operational data unique to the specific physical asset which it represents. For example, for an aircraft, the digital twin would be identified to the physical product unit identifier which is referred to as the tail number.

The digital thread refers to the communication framework that allows a connected data flow and integrated view of the asset’s data throughout its lifecycle across traditionally siloed functional perspectives. The digital thread concept raises the bar for delivering “the right information to the right place at the right time”.

Benefits for the company

In addition to the asset usage data collected via IoT or other techniques, MROs need to collect as maintained data and cross reference the respective as-designed specifications.This method saves time resource by leaps and bounds for the MRO companies.



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Data Management, Prescriptive Anaytics

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