Energy Management

Brewers, Distillers, Vintners

The beer-making process consumes a lot of energy. For example, water has to be heated up and then cooled down again, and energy needs to be used to refrigerate the beer after it’s been produced.

The cooling processes are managed by energy-hungry compressors. These machines turn on if more “coolness” is needed, but often there’s just a small peak in demand and it isn’t necessary to turn the machines on; the temperature will stabilize before it creates a problem with the product. However, these machines aren’t smart enough to realize that they don’t need to power up.

But with a model that predicts how temperatures are going to change in the coming minutes and hours, activation of the cooling devices can be delayed or even canceled unless it’s absolutely necessary, saving on energy costs.

Benefits for the company

Improves the efficiency in the production process, thereby saving cost and resource for the company.



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Predictive Analytics, Forecasting and Advanced Analytics

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