Enhanced Marketing Strategy

Real Estate Services

Real estate agents often monitor social networks to collect more information about a customer sentiments, customer preferences, capture demands, big news and big data algorithms help them extract all information faster and more precisely.

When they get all the information they need, they can contact a person at the right moment and make a profitable and tempting offer. Through historic sale prices, property valuation and forecasting real estate agents always have all actual prices that are real for a current period time period which helps them convert sales faster with a margin.

Benefits for the company

With the help of all non-traditional data like extracting demand from online customers, customer preferences allow them the companies to do more targeted marketing with faster conversion.



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Advanced Analytics, Demand Forecasting, Sentiment Analysis

Internal data required

Social Media Sentiment data, Marketing data, Property data, Customer Demographic Data, segment data

External data possible

Public Data, Demographics Data, Market Information, price/square meter, neighbourhood quality, etc

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