Ensuring human safety

Oil & Gas Drilling, Transportation, Refining

During extraction, the workers always run the risk of being temporarily or fatally impacted by harmful emissions. In order to reduce this risk, O&G companies today are using big data and predictive analytics to identify new oil and gas sources without having to conduct potentially hazardous operations.

AI robots can detect any faults in the equipment and send alerts in case of any gas leaks.
Safety can be ensured by replacing the personnel with robots, which can work in the dangerous and tedious environment, thereby optimizing the performance and cost incurred.

Benefits for the company

One of the major challenges facing the oil and gas industry is ensuring the safety of the workforce and the environment, especially during the drilling process.



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Big Data and Predictive analytics, Seismic Analysis

Internal data required

Reservoir, Seismic data, Topographical data, geological data, such as rock types in nearby wells, can be used to predict oil pockets.

Research Paper

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