Food Shelf Life


Data science and analytics help in predicting the shelf life of the food products like bakery products, wine, etc by using predictive analysis. This may help them to save food products before it gets wasted.

Through effective big data governance organization techniques, one can sort through data that relates to the ingredients you carry on your shelves. Pinpointing the shelf life of these foods ensures you only serve fresh ingredients. It also eliminates waste and makes it easier to know exactly when you need to replenish inventory.

Benefits for the company

Perishability is an inevitable quality of food and beverage products. They will decay at some point, but AI can help you predict the shelf life more accurately based on a product’s ingredients, packaging methodologies and storage conditions.



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Prediction, Forecasting, Demand – Supply management

Internal data required

Food Expiry data, demand data, etc.

Research Paper

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