Fraud Detection

Casino & Gaming

In the casino industry, fraud can be online and real life. Artificial intelligence for betting software, brought numerous benefits that it just didn’t have a decade ago. One major step was the introduction of anti-cheating and anti-fraud systems has been possible because of the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Various techniques are used in this segment to avoid identity theft, which is quite common in the virtual world.

Payment fraud is also a challenge. The gaming companies are now assuring a high level of security to the personal information and transactions performed. Machine learning algorithms come to rescue the process of fast identification of suspicious activity. Making fraud detection much more automated and efficient is declining the rate of application of “old good” fraudulent methods.

Benefits for the company

One of the crucial areas to be overseen is online security as online games generally require the users to deposit online payment and extract withdrawals. Big data aids the industry in locating any loopholes in security and making it safer for customers.



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Machine Learning – Anomaly detection, Fuzzy logic

Internal data required

Historic Fraud Cases, Real time data

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