Fuel Consumption Improvements


Airlines use AI systems with built-in machine learning algorithms to collect and analyze flight data regarding each route distance and altitudes, aircraft type and weight, weather, etc. Based on findings from data, systems estimate the optimal amount of fuel needed for a flight.

Benefits for the company

Improvements in fuel consumption and optimizations saves huge chunks of money for companies since airlines spends 33% of their operating costs on fuel.



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Machine learning and Statistics

Internal data required

Weight, aircraft type

External data possible


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  1. Global aviation produces nearly 2 percent of anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. That’s why aircraft manufacturers and carriers strive to improve their fuel efficiency. Well, it’s not only ecological but also financial concerns that drive airline industry players to use technology to reduce carbon emissions. According to IATA’s 2012 statistical compilation, airlines spend 33 percent of their operating costs on fuel.

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