Improve Student’s Performance


Data Science in Education helps you to have central control over the complete student data for evaluating the performance of the students and take suitable actions.

This analysis will help you to make the changes that will benefit the students and will help them in all possible ways to solve their problems.

Benefits for the company

This helps them to track the courses in which the performance of the students was not up to the mark. It leads to developing a backup program to deal with the cause behind this to improve student performance.



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Data Mining, Adavanced Analytics

Internal data required

Student’s Performance Data

One Response

  1. Georgia State University (GSU) in the United States, has used various Data Science and Machine Learning tools for mining insights from the student data.

    Taking the right decisions based on their analysis helped them in a remarkable way and they realized that their graduation rate has grown from 32% to 54% between the years 2003 and 2014. They also utilized the student data for dealing with the issues of student retention and course completion.

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