Improving operational efficiency


Energy and utility companies use smart data application and software to detect the matters, operations and functions worth of optimization. Real-time monitoring provides data concerning time, activity rate, state of some operations. The data is processed in combination with the external factors to define the average efficiency. Data science here is used for modeling of various situations and prediction of possible efficiency rates under various circumstances.

Benefits for the company

Data science also has important applications for clean energy. The efficiencies that come from harnessing data help solar and wind farms reduce costs, making renewable energy an attractive alternative to fossil fuels



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Regression analysis, Ranked scoring, real-time analysis and prediction

Internal data required

Real-time sensor data
Historical data
Operating history
Maintenance reports
Technician notes
Predictive models (e.g., expected earthquake effects)
And more

External data possible

Geo-Spatial Data, Census, Weather Reports, Demographical Data, OpenStreetMap

Research Paper

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