Leveraging mobile and social media content

Movies & Digital Entertainment

First of all, leveraging mobile and social media content increases the number of channels and the amount of data exchanged in real-time. In its turn, the data provide enhanced targeting capabilities. In other words, having the insights of viewers the media and entertainment companies tailor offers and recommendations to suit the needs of very targeted audience group. Secondly, adopting the mobile content makes the companies’ services more available and easy to reach. Text mining, speech and image recognition and sentiment analysis prove to be very useful in this case.

Benefits for the company

Mobile and social media content is considered to be a fundamental to assure interaction between the company and the customer. Reports, passionate discussions of posts, likes and shares are all the media and entertainment companies hunt for.



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Machine Learning, Text Mining, Speech, Image Recognition

Internal data required

Customer Usage, Social Media, Mobile Interaction

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