Wearable Robot

Machine Utilization

Apparel Industry

A problem for brands working with apparel manufacturers is wasted or inefficient time throughout the manufacturing process. Analytics can provide brands and manufacturers insight into machine utilization and identifying the cause of problems, such as poor installation, overdue maintenance, misuse, or simply a lack of downtime coordination. By combining the current systems with advanced analytics, brands and apparel manufacturers can gain real-time insights into how well their manufacturing lines are operating. It can also offer information on how different configurations can improve overall efficiency.

Benefits for the company

Predictive maintenance often allows the detection of impending failures that could never be detected by human eyes. With predictive maintenance, downtime and repairs are directly tied to likely failure, minimizing cost (e.g. less labor time, less chance of unexpected failure) and maximizing asset life.



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Time Series Analysis, Ranked scoring, real-time analysis and prediction

Internal data required

Repair Logs, maintenance Logs, Power Consumption in real time

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