Malt yield prediction and optimization

Brewers, Distillers, Vintners

Malt is one of the most important beer ingredients—and also one of the most expensive. That’s why brewers try to maximize the amount of flavor and sugar extracted from a given amount of malt. The amount that can be extracted from a given malt depends on a number of factors, including things like the region it’s from, the weather in that region, and the season it was harvested. Additionally, malts are often mixed together, with makes it even more difficult for a brewer to know what they can expect to get from a particular batch.

With the use of a machine learning model, however, brewers can predict the best mixture of malts to use, along with the ideal brewing time, in order to maximize malt yield. This reduces the brewery’s overall resource consumption and thus its cost

Benefits for the company

Inconsistent inputs can make it difficult to keep the production processes running smoothly. A machine learning model like this one helps in adjustments and optimizations that can be made early on to support the overall workflow.



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Advanced Analytics, Prediction, Regression Analysis

Research Paper

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