Marketing and Advertising


For any business, it is very much important to spread awareness and acquire potential customers. Data Science and analytics help the food industry in identifying potential customers.
Data can be analyzed to understand the demographics and needs to run highly targeted marketing campaigns.

For example: when we use applications to order food, we not only order food and pay for it but also get offers, complimentary items, and deals. APIs help the company to gather the data of the customer. They can see what products you like, how often you order, which location you visit, and so on. This will help them to provide a personalized and relevant experience.

Benefits for the company

Identifying when and how to reach your target customers before launching your marketing campaign can lead to more successful advertising that intrigues and attracts customers.



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Segmentation, Clustering, Recommender System, Personalization

Internal data required

Customer History, Orders Data, Customer Segmentation Data

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