Marketing Campaigns and Promotions

Hypermarkets & Super Centers

Data analytics takes advantage of the valuable data generated by consumers whenever they purchase items, be it offline or online. This data paints the customer profile, and with the frequent purchases happening in supermarkets, these businesses will be able to see patterns in shopping behaviour to which they can leverage on. Knowing what and where customers buy their products from, their spending behaviour and purchase habits, allows supermarkets to create well-targeted marketing promotions and offers that appeal directly towards what customers want. This draws them back to their stores for future purchases.

Benefits for the company

Data analytics allows these supermarkets to gauge the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and overall profitability.



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Segmentation, Clustering, Recommender System, Personalization, Classification for targetting

Internal data required

Historical Customer Purchases, Sale Records etc.

Research Paper

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