Monitoring Patient health

Health Care Technology

The IoT devices that are used as wearable devices that track heartbeat, temperature and other medical parameters of the users, all these data that is collected is analyzed with the help of data science.

Other than wearable monitoring sensors, doctor can monitor a patient’s health through home devices. For patients that are chronically ill, there are several systems that track patient’s movements, monitor their physical parameters and analyze the patterns that are present in the data.

Benefits for the company

Real- time analytics to predict if the patient will face any problem based on the present condition, helps the doctor to take neccessary decisions to help the patients in distress.

Even with these IoT devices, analytical tools, doctors are able to keep track of patient’s circadian cycle, their blood pressure as well as their calorie intake.



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Machine Learning and Statistics

Internal data required

Patient’s Records, Disease – symptom universal correlation data

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