Optimizing asset performance


Uniting asset data in a single system and using analysis to identify equipment, networks or pipelines that are headed for failure.

Real-time data concerning assets health, supply and demand analysis helps to improve asset performance. Data-driven and business analytics tools and software are used to monitor conditions, costs, and performance, as well as to define scoring methods and the areas of critical priority. Data-driven and business analytics tools and software are used to enhance the reliability, capacity, and availability of the assets and minimize costs.

Benefits for the company

All possible failures or delays in energy supply, unplanned service interruption or complications result in inefficiency. This inefficiency may be prevented or at least taken under control by monitoring of performance and assets.
This predictive approach also enables them to intelligently budget for replacements.



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Regression analysis, Ranked scoring, real-time analysis and prediction

Internal data required

Real-time sensor data
Historical data
Operating history
Maintenance reports
Technician notes
Flyover data from drones
Predictive models (e.g., expected earthquake effects)
Public datasets (e.g., weather reports)
And more

Research Paper

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