Outage detection and prediction


Modern smart power outage communication systems are capable of:

– predicting the influence of weather conditions on the power grid
– predicting the impact of the near-term asset values on the power grid
– detecting possible outages by smart meter events
– detecting outages in the specified areas
– real-time filtering of outage inputs and recognition of the outage type
– confirmation of the outage and communicating on this matter.

Outage detection and prediction starts with the identification of the right metrics and the threshold value for it. Every single outage event should be carefully analyzed to identify the root cause. Only after that, predictive algorithms may be applied to model the future likelihood of an outage.

Benefits for the company

The application of the smart energy outage ecosystems allows providing accurate real-time outage statuses to improve general customer experience and satisfaction.



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Anomaly Detection and Prediction

Internal data required

Sensors, smart grids, Historic Outage Event, Asset health

External data possible

Geo-Spatial Data, Census, Weather Reports, Demographical Data, OpenStreetMap, the Internet (e.g., twitter feeds)

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