Pattern Recognition

Outlier Detection / Insight Discovery at High Data Velocity

Digital Publishing

Setting up a data pipeline with warehousing, collection models, filtering, storage, and processing requires significant effort, but the expense is justified if the output is instantly and demonstrably impactful. AI can simplify this task which currently requires manual intervention, by calling out anomalies in user behavior, traffic or even content.

Benefits for the company

One of the toughest challenges for a data-driven company, whether in media or in content marketing, is to uncover insights from the large volumes of data that are available, in-time to act on it, and have a clear impact on campaigns or execution. Analytics can provide actionable insights in real-time rather than in hindsights for the next campaign.



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Anomaly Detection – STL, Variational Auto Encoder, Exponential Smoothing, Deep Learning

Internal data required

Traffic Reports, CTR,

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