By creating a personalized insurance profile for their clients, insurance companies can achieve significant results in attracting new and retaining old customers. Based on a policyholder’s historical and personal data, as well as statistics, algorithms can notice dependencies unclear to humans and the company can apply individual risk scoring for every client.

Benefits for the company

With increasing seller and soaring online purchases , there’s more competition than ever to provide an online experience that’s not only seamless but optimized and customized to the precise needs of each and every customer.



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Predictive Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, A/B Testing

Internal data required

Customer Historical Data

External data possible

Health Data

One Response

  1. This approach is especially popular with health insurance providers: Also, personalization is related to risk and price. Those in better health with healthier lifestyles and less inclined to health risks can get discounts. While this approach raises personal data privacy concerns,

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