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Personalization is the process of creating customized, pleasing experience for visitors. Every customer sees a slightly different version of your website which is defined by the particular audience segment the shopper falls into.
Using the customer segmentation, scoring efforts with predictive modeling and recomendation engines tells the business who should they personalize their site for.

Benefits for the company

With increasing seller and soaring online purchases , there’s more competition than ever to provide an online experience that’s not only seamless but optimized and customized to the precise needs of each and every customer.
If businesses don’t have a personalization strategy, they are losing 75% of shoppers who leave the website because they get frustrated by irrelevant offers. Website personalization helps to make the purchasing process faster, get better deals, and curb information overload.



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Predictive Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning and A/B Testing

Internal data required

Customer Scoring and Recommendation Data

External data possible

Online Surveys

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