Personalized Medicine


Drug discovery is one thing, but biotech companies are hoping to utilize AI to provide more personalized medicine in the next decade.

Companies can analyze a treasure trove of patient data stored in the cloud to recommend better treatment options with a natural language system.

Benefits for the company

Personalized medicine can help reduce side effects and ineffective results, creating better patient outcomes and fewer recalls or lawsuits.



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Natural Language System , DL/AI

Research Paper

One Response

  1. Deep generative models create realistic samples from training data, getting around medical data silos, for now. As a field with high privacy walls and deeply ingrained segmentation, this could prove vital to filling in information gaps

    And as the cost of genome sequencing falls, we could find ourselves analyzing the data from a single patient to provide micro-targeted treatments without placing an undue burden on physicians. Augmented intelligence could usher in a new age of treatments, democratized for all.
    Realistically, this is still a long way off.

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