Data Lake

Pesticides spraying using Drones

Agriculture Industry

Farmers want the company to take care of the exact mapping of farm boundaries and cost-effective. A farmer will provide the company typical land boundaries of farmland, challenges they are facing while using drowns e.g. 1) farm will give today in the middle of the form, 2) farm will have a semi-arid land in the middle of the farm, 3) Bunch of trees at the edges of farm for which spraying of a pesticide is strictly prohibited, etc.
The objective of this use case is to develop artificial intelligence/machine learning algorithms to take care of all farmers concerns are addressed.

Benefits for the company

farmers wanted optimum utilization of the pesticide quantity and cost-effective than the humans spray the pesticides. Ensure the pesticide sprayed using drowns is as effective as it is sprayed manually.



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Ai- Neural Network, GIS Mapping

Internal data required

Farm boundaries, Farm features

External data possible

GIS, OpenSourceMap

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