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Predict Maintenance


Predictive maintenance is an extremely common use case in manufacturing, and beer brewing is no exception. In the beverage industry, one of the most frequent failure points is rotating motors in bottling facilities. Because the machines are always under a heavy workload, they’re particularly prone to breakdowns.

Increased friction in the machine—often an early indicator of an impending failure—can be detected by observing a slight increase in power consumption of the electric engines driving the rotating motors. Hence, a model to analysis the power consumption can be used to predict failures before they occur and allow proactive maintenance to be carried out.

Benefits for the company

Predictive maintenance often allows the detection of impending failures that could never be detected by human eyes. With predictive maintenance, downtime and repairs are directly tied to likely failure, minimizing cost (e.g. less labor time, less chance of unexpected failure) and maximizing asset life.



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Time Series Analysis, Ranked scoring, real-time analysis and prediction

Internal data required

Repair Logs, maintenance Logs, Power Consumption in real time

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