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Predict Wear and Tear Predictive Maintenance


The Natural Language Processing analyzes text data to extract information. It helps to identify words bearing a negative, positivCarriers deploy predictive maintenance solutions to better manage data from aircraft health monitoring sensors. Usually, these systems are compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, granting technicians access to real-time and historical data from any location. Knowing an aircraft’s current technical condition through alerts, notifications, and reports, employees can spot issues pointing at possible malfunction and replace parts proactively. Executives and team leads, in turn, can receive updates on maintenance operations, get data on tool and part inventory, and expenses via dashboards.e or netural attitude of the customer towards the brand.

Benefits for the company

With applied predictive maintenance, an airline can reduce expenses connected with expedited transportation of parts, overtime compensation for crews, and unplanned maintenance. If a technical problem did occur, maintenance teams could react to it faster with workflow organization software.



Type of expertise/ AI domain

Predictive Analytics

Internal data required

Historical, Real time aircraft data

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  1. With nearly 30 percent of the total delay time caused by unplanned maintenance, predictive analytics applied to fleet technical support is a reasonable solution.

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